About HubCo
HubCo is our biggest project to date. We built HubCo from the ground up, from the design of each of the landing pages and search pages through to the development of the search archives and single page layouts. We had to rebrand HubCo from the name RealCo as there were some complications with Trademarking the name. The name “Real” was trademarked within the same class, even though trademarking a term like “cotton” in the “cotton industry” would be forbidden the business “Real” was able to get away with this in the “Real Estate Industry” which did leave the decision to change name rather perplexing.

We developed each of the custom post types of the project including the back end with the user profile to integrate a full user experience. From wire-framing for development and photography for aesthetics, HubCo was a mammoth project that we had great pleasure working on.
Date: April 5, 2022

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